Would you like to join in the fun?
As Mister Roger’s said: “Look for the helpers.”

Our history shows that we are a community rich in volunteers. Not much happens without neighbors joining together with ideas, creativity, and willingness to help. Such is the history of the Dayton Lions club formed in 1974. As a growing community we need to continue this spirit now more than ever. Just imagine what your talent and energy can do to help.

Over the years many have served as committee chairs for events. Lions have worked with and helped other community groups to improve life here. Whatever your interest, the best way to get in touch with the current chair is to send us a note with your contact information and interest. We will forward this to those responsible. Let us know if you would like to spearhead a new event or have other ideas.

Email info@dcfmn,org or Click Here

Dayton Community Foundation Inc.
PO Box 1
Dayton, MN 55327

We need leaders and warm bodies and everything in between of all ages.